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Russian Girls is the preferred online dating service for the single men looking for beautiful Russian girls. The site has been established to work for the benefit of international dating community, not limited to the men in Russia but all throughout the world covering other parts of the globe like USA, Europe, Japan, South Africa and Australia. If you are looking for a Russian or Ukrainian soul mate, then is the best place to find the best match. Russian Girls is very much compatible with the legal provisions applicable for such sites, something that is usually not there in case of other such options. With us, you have peace of mind that as you are on the right side of the law.

Sometimes the men ask what is so great about going for the Russian women.
What is exactly sought by Russian girls looking for men to date?
Why single Russian girls will go at the first place for a boyfriend of foreign origin?
Are they not able to find companions in Russia?

The right answer to all these queries is no, it is not happening. The reason is; there have always been less of men in Russia compared to women. So if you try with Russian girls, you will have a good chance to get one best match. Russian Girls does not work by selling the addresses of girls to men. Rather it works on only one thing, support communication. If you register to the site, what you get is a big database of Russian girls looking for friendship. You are on your own. The members are allowed to place their details, preferences along with a nice photo. They are then allowed to have the contact details like emails, contact numbers and then it is up to them, if they want to contact with the prospective girls through e-mail or chatting mode. The method and pace to developing the relation are entirely on the users, and Russian Girls does not interfere in the process.

There are many pluses to being with compared to other similar sites online. First it is free to join. Secondly it is user friendly and non interfering type. Thirdly, your information and details of the interaction are safe and we, as company policy, never share details of the users with any other agency. Girls on Russian Girls are very real, and they are from different economic and cultural backgrounds from Russia. Though it is for the users to decide, but we always suggest never call any girl identified from the site first hand. First interact through email, then chatting and only when the girl feels comfortable, take her permission and then call her. As the girls on Russian Girls are not commercial girls; they are very genuine girls from real backgrounds sincerely looking for the best boyfriend online. Russian and Ukrainian culture is very different from the west, and if you are on then we shall help you through the process in a way it has to be. With you can be sure to save time, money and efforts to find the best match and if you tread with passion, you can be sure that you will not end up with heart break.

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